Stopped at the Batik Market to learn the complex technique... and met a little monkey needing some Zen Dog in his life!

Did you miss Rainbow Sparkles at the Farmer's and Artisan's Market?

50 cent stone Tuesday

If you loved our stone prices at our first location, you will love what we decided to do every Tuesday... pretty much every stone is priced at 50 cents from open to close!  There are a few exceptions (actually there are only a few dozen exceptions) so that means are another 120 or so stones affordably priced! 

Beginning in August, Zen really grew!  So much so that we expanded in the Mineral Springs Mall to open our sister store... Indigo Moon! 

​​Indigo Moon carries a full line of hippie, colorful, bohemian clothes... perfect for wearing at the upcoming Earthtones Festival or for back-to-school or really for any reason whatsoever! 

We are proud to offer a full line of accessories (including some incredible purses, headbands, wallets, and jewelry... all from naturally derived sources, including cotton, hemp, and wool.

It's Raining Zen is about a positive, peaceful, loving approach to life!  We stock crystals, jewelry, stones, sage, candles, oils, dried herbs, incense, BOOKS and SO MUCH more!

Tuesday thru Saturday 11a until 6p

​sunday noon until 5p

Become a paranormal tourist this Halloween season!


Zenji is one hip dog. 

“A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.”  Chuang Tzu

Sunshine daydream, doobie thundercloud, Rachel & karly

Sunshine & Doobie have been with us for a very long time.  Rachel & Karly not so much.  Sunny & Doobie were saved from a lifetime adorning an Oklahoma double-wide for nothing less than a case of warm beer and a carton of generic menthol cigarettes.  Rachel & Karly, well, no one really knows their true story, but we think they prefer be as mysterious as possible.  We pretty much hit the jackpot with these four.  Now they pretty much rule the roost at Zen.  Come by and take a selfie with them, especially if you are a part of the Magic Mike traveling roadshow, right, Karly? It makes them happy.   And we might post it.



Wanna learn about Alton's haunted past?

​​Ghost and goblins beware, the "Most Haunted Small Town in America" will be out in full force at the 100th annual Halloween Parade. See  Alton's scariest costumes and comical characters with over 80 participants including floats, bands and parade flair.

Indigo Moon

Our fun, quirky and unique shop, located in Alton's Historical Mineral Springs Mall, is designed to enhance your spiritual side.  When you have a positive approach to life and its challenges, the set backs always seem so much smaller and life just seems a little bit easier.

Without exception, we strive to partner with our customers on their spiritual journey and we are deeply committed to supporting each individual, regardless of the path they choose to follow. 

We offer only products sourced from suppliers who are committed to a pursuit of knowledge through light and love.​  When possible, we also insist on locally sourced products, particularly jewelry, herbs, and art. 

Come see us at Mineral Springs Mall to experience all the incredible talent the Riverbend Area of Illinois has to offer!
  We are available around-the-clock via telephone at (618) 717-0546 or via email at