the mighty hunter june carter cash, 
 aka junebug the destroyer
donna and sonny, our first german shorthaired pointer rescue
snoozing by the firepit is jillie,

But in all seriousness, It's Raining Zen has been a vision of Donna's for about as long as she can remember. 

Growing up in Southern Illinois, she spent much of her childhood outside -- those wonder years were glorious in that proverbial, communing with nature kind of way.  A peaceful childhood spent chasing fireflies in the forest, baling hay, digging up earthworms for lazy afternoon fishing in the family pond, milking cows and goats, working the garden, and staring at the stars under a clear Midwestern sky.  And her best friends were dogs and horses.   That much hasn't changed.

Unfortunately, she soon found herself apart from nature, living in the big cities of the East Coast.   And instead of being surrounded by her four-legged friends, she found herself  surrounded by distractions, traffic, and all other forms of modern-day chaos. 

But, she found solace from that chaos in two things: hanging out in Virginia Beach with her Black Lab, Jake, and studying at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment.  Both retreats offered her the peacefulness and fulfillment she found in those long gone days of childhood.  She discovered her ability to deal with the turmoil and reckless pace of 21st century life was deeply rooted in the something far deeper, far less complex, and so much more fulfilling. 

And then it happened.  Serendipity occurs when least expected. 

Donna came back to Illinois and, over coffee in Alton in February 2015, It's Raining Zen was born. 

Zen grew from a small corner in a local antique mall to what it has become today!  An amazing, colorful, and happy place where you can immerse yourself in sights, smells and sounds which can transform your life. 

As for Donna, her return to Illinois includes six four-legged friends who continue to teach her so much about the world.  Just ask Willie Nelson next time you see her up at the shop!  Peace, love and light!  

Be sure to hit us up for local animal charities and don't forget FREE Reiki every saturday for all leashed animals at It's Raining Zen!

Shop dog extraordinaire Willie Nelson, AKA NIPPY
Phoebe and Jake -- we miss you so much
paint, salty and goldie -- all are rescues and all are living the life they deserve

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