What started as a dream only became a reality because of like-minded individuals and businesses in our community. 

‚ÄčAs Alton's ONLY locally-owned New Age and Spirituality shop, we really try to stress the importance of living locally, shopping locally and supporting local artists.  We are amazed every day at the talent in this region. 

Whether you consider our jewelry makers, bands of local artists, intuitive readers, performers in The Zen Den, or just our downtown Alton business partners, we encourage you support these folks. 

Coyote Chris Sutton is a shamanic practitioner/paranormal investigator who began his spiritual journey over 20 years ago a normal guy who found himself with one foot in this world and one foot in the world of Spirit. Since then he has received teachings in the Lakota and Si-Si Wiss shamanic traditions, along with instruction in shamanism with English influences. Chris is a member of the Red Cedar Circle of SW Illinois which follows the Si-Si Wiss Medicine Tradition of the Northwest Coast and this is the shamanic tradition he follows closest. He has been trained in many of the psychic arts, including numerology, tarot, and dowsing. Chris began doing paranormal investigations in 1998 and enjoys being able to help people who are having problems with negative paranormal events.

Sara from Main Street Alton graced our door the first day we opened to welcome us to downtown Alton.  She has done an amazing job coordinating the efforts of all the merchants downtown and we are grateful to be a part of downtown Alton's return to greatness!!

Alton is the most haunted town in Illinois and the Mineral Springs Hotel is the most haunted building in Alton! Once an elegant hotel and spa, its history is filled with tragedy, murders, suicides, natural and accidental deaths, as well as many happy memories. Many of these earth-bound spirits remain to haunt, and make their presence felt and known. Mineral Springs Haunted Tours is the only tour that takes you into and through this magnificent old structure.

Our neighbor in the Mineral Springs Mall!

Historic Alton's Antique District is an association of a number of businesses along Broadway and throughout the downtown area.  Zen isn't an antique business, but so many of our friends own shops here.  Bill runs this organization and was kind enough to list in their Specialty Category.  Please shop the merchants listed in on their site!

River Bend Yoga offers a variety of classes for all skill levels, you are sure to find just the class for you!  Unwind in their warm and inviting studio, located in historic downtown Alton.  Relax, restore, strengthen and reduce stress. Make a positive change in your life and try yoga with Riverbend Yoga  today!

Bobbi Brooks has been perfecting her massage practice for nearly a decade and it really shows!  She is trained  in many different forms of massage, including deep tissue work, prenatal massage, and hot stone massage - we swear by Bobbi!